Does NUnitForVS run tests in-process for VS2008?

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Oct 22, 2008 at 8:23 PM
I know that VS-2008 has modified it's test runner to avoid incurring the overhead of spinning up a new thread for every test list run. However, does this benefit extend to NUnitForVS?

The large project that I'm starting up is planning on using NUnit for testing, and with this plugin we could then have IDE-integrated testing as well. However, one of the main reasons, like so many others, that I avoided the MSTest feature in VS is the marked slowness of it over the speed of NUnit as is. 

As I've just learned, NUnit has its own shadow cache of files so that having NUnit-GUI open doesn't prevent recompiling your code. Thus, I would think that the "must copy files first' overhead is now present in both NUnit-GUI and in MSTest equally. Any delay between these would be threading issues, right? Is NUnit only fast when you don't enable the shadow-copy?

I'm somewhat concerned I'd be taking a step backwards to let clunky MSTest take over my NUnit test runs by using this tool. And since I'm training developers who are new to all this, I'd rather not mis-train them by injecting a tool I have to yank weeks down the road.


J. Wolfe
Guidance Technoloy, Inc.

Oct 22, 2008 at 9:45 PM
Hi jesse1008,
NUnitForVS was implemented as an temporary solution for a slow migration of our nunit test to mstest. It does not use NUnit assemblies to run test. Instead they are used to find TestFixtures and Tests. It has the same speed as VS2005 mstest.