OutOfMemoryException in large solutions


I Installed the tool today and I really liked it but as soon as I tried to load a large solution (109 projects) VS2008 Pro SP1 crashed with a OutOfMemoryException. I tested with different solutions on different machines and same result. As soon as the solution is large it takes forever loading and VS crashes before seeing the end of it. Seems like a memory leak...


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We use this NUnitForVS on several PC's and all get OutOfMemoryException after a while. We also see that under the directory: %TEMP%\nunit20\ShadowCopyCache a huge amount of directories is stored.

On each build X directories are added to this temp path. The amount X is equal to the number of projects in your solution. Under these new directories you find the dependencies used by the unit testing project.
So in my solution are 24 projects, so each build generates 24 new directories which are never cleaned up. And all assemblies of each build stay loaded in memory until you shutdown visual studio. So the memory usage grows until all memory is used. In my case the memory used by visual studio then grows to about 800MB and then I run out of memory.

Can you look into it this and free/unload and delete al unused assemblies from these temp folders from all previous builds?
An example of temp path is: C:\DOCUME~1\user\LOCALS~1\Temp\nunit20\ShadowCopyCache\633638059465283626\Tests\assembly

This would really help us.

Our setup:
Windows XP SP3, Visual Studio Pro 2008 SP1, NUnit v2.4.8, NUnitForVS from 13july2008

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A lot of loading and reflection has been removed. This should result in less memory consumpyion. Do however note that mstest contains a full test list. This memory usage, we can't improve on.

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